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About Me

Hi! I’m Chris Eggertsen, a freelance arts, entertainment and culture journalist and writer based in Los Angeles. I’ve written for the Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, Los Angeles Magazine, Curbed LA, Boxoffice Pro and Uproxx, among others. I'm currently available for hire.

My portfolio is expansive in terms of arts and culture coverage, running the gamut from horror films to the music business to architecture to true crime. What some might view as a lack of adequate branding I actually see as an outgrowth of my innate curiosity and adaptability: I’m equally at ease putting together an extensive oral history of Carrie’s prom scene as I am writing about the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on touring professionals.

I’m currently a part-time staffer at Billboard, where I write about the music industry, as well as at Boxoffice Pro, where I write about the theatrical exhibition industry. I’m reliable, great with research, a solid interviewer and I write clean copy. References available on request.

About Me: About Me
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