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TV: Work

Curbed LA, May 2017

Twin Peaks may be heavily associated with the rainy, Ponderosa Pine-filled landscape of the Pacific Northwest, but many scenes were shot around Los Angeles.

The Hollywood Reporter, February 2018

Still expecting a mea culpa from Veena Sud about The Killing? Don’t hold your breath.

The Hollywood Reporter, June 2017

For a show that once had a character cry out “Balenciaga!” while being burned at the stake, the sartorial celebration of American Horror Story at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills feels like a no-brainer.

The Hollywood Reporter, February 2018

After a 15-year path to the screen, Altered Carbon will officially launch Friday on Netflix.

The Hollywood Reporter, December 2017

After more than 20 years in the business, Retta is having a moment.

The Hollywood Reporter, September 2017

When you interview Jaleel White about his 36-year career in show business, there’s inevitably an elephant in the room — and it’s wearing suspenders.

The Hollywood Reporter, November 2017

In the Peak TV era where more than 500 shows are competing for viewers, delivering a big breakout hit on a broadcast network has become increasingly challenging. But it’s not totally impossible, as Fox’s Empire and NBC’s This Is Us most recently managed to cut through the cluttered landscape. And this season, ABC’s Freddie Highmore starrer The Good Doctor has followed suit.

The Hollywood Reporter, May 2018

Michael C. Hall is back on TV — for a limited time.

The Hollywood Reporter, August 2017

In 1988’s Rain Man, Dustin Hoffman plays an autistic savant named Raymond Babbit, who can complete difficult mental calculations in seconds while being unable to live on his own. Although it was a specific portrayal of a very specific place on the autism spectrum, Rain Man was a blockbuster hit, and Raymond thereby became the poster child for an extremely complicated disorder onscreen.

The Hollywood Reporter, January 2018

Taylor Kitsch has played real-life figures before, but none quite like David Koresh. The leader of an extreme offshoot of the Branch Davidian religious movement — who perished along with 81 of his followers during the infamous 1993 raid on his Waco, Texas, compound — is one of the most controversial names of that decade. For Kitsch, who has spent the majority of his career playing the hero, bringing such a dark and complex individual to life presented an opportunity to prove his mettle as an actor. It’s the kind of transformative role that, if received well, can pay career dividends down the line.

The Hollywood Reporter, September 2017

When Pamela Adlon made the decision to direct every season-two episode of Better Things, it didn’t occur to the creator/star/executive producer of the FX comedy to be nervous. In fact, it wasn’t until an interview with Ali Wentworth last fall that she started feeling the pressure.

The Hollywood Reporter, January 2018

During Sunday’s Madam Secretary, the drama addressed a debate that has been playing out in the media for months: Does the 25th Amendment allow a president to be removed from office if his cabinet deems him mentally unfit? At least in the alternate-future Washington depicted on the CBS political drama, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Curbed LA, September 2019

Brady Bunch super fans, unite! More than 45 years since the iconic series was canceled by ABC and exactly one second since it last aired in syndication comes HGTV’s “hugely anticipated” A Very Brady Renovation, which convenes the six surviving Brady Bunch cast members for the first time since their last convention appearance. The goal: To transform the interiors of the iconic Studio City home used for establishing shots into an exact replica of the soundstage-built sets that served as the TV family’s home base for five seasons.

The Hollywood Reporter, September 2017

One thing seems clear about Lea Michele’s latest character, political consultant Valentina Barrera on ABC’s freshman comedy The Mayor: you will not hear her sing. At least not well.

The Hollywood Reporter, August 2017

Late last month, ABC retitled its forthcoming drama The Gospel of Kevin to the more playful (and long-winded) Kevin (Probably) Saves the World. At first glance, this seems like a minor title change, its blithe tone better selling the show’s comedic aspects. But as star Jason Ritter sees it, the switch serves a greater purpose.

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